Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church

Archbishop William Duke created the St. Michael’s parish in 1934. With a donation of $559 from the estate of Jane M. Corcoran and a great deal of volunteer work by parishioners, a church was built on Braid Street (8th Avenue). Work began June 15, 1934, and midnight Mass (at Christmas?) was celebrated in the building the same year. It was blessed by Archbishop Duke on June 30, 1935.

A new hall was built in 1941 and a new rectory started to be built.

The church was sold for $45,000 to a Slovak community in 1960 and a new parish – Sts Cyril and Methodius – was established by Archbishop Duke on May 3, 1960 as a Mission for Slovak people.

For the first 40 years the parish was served for by the Jesuit order.

List of pastors:

  • 1960-1969 Fr. Wiliam Lacko, SJ
  • 1969-1976 Fr. John Zabka, SJ
  • 1976-1981 Fr. Joseph Svec, SJ
  • 1981-1993 Fr. Wiliam Lacko, SJ
  • 1993-1999 Fr. John Kadlec, SJ
  • 1999-2002 Fr. Jozef Menus
  • 2002-2007 Fr. Juraj Kopanicky
  • 2007-2007 Fr. Gabriel de Chadarevian, OP
  • 2008-2017 Fr. Juraj Kopanicky
  • 2017-2018 Fr. Rastislav Krsak, SVD
  • 2018-present – visiting priest: Fr. Varga, Fr. Emil Kralik, SVD

Services for members

  • Slovenské sv. omše v nedeľu o 10.30
  • krsty, spovede, sobáše, pohreby

Services for community

  • Slovenské sv. omše v nedeľu o 10.30
  • krsty, spovede


472 East 8th Avenue
New Westminster, BC
Canada, V3L 4L2

Contact person

604-521-3406 (Msgr. Rossi – administrator)





Additional contacts

Facebook: Farnosť sv. Cyrila a Metoda New Westminster



asi 80 rodín

Slovaks in area

niekoľko tisíc ...


(Starosta Jozef)


(1934) (1935) (1941) (1960) (1969) (1976) (1981) (1993) (1999) (2002) (2007) (2008) (2017) (2018)


(Corcoran Jane M.) (Duke) (Kadlec Ján SJ) (Kopanicky Juraj) (Kršák Rastislav SVD) (Lacko Viliam SJ) (Menus Jozef) (Svec Jozef SJ) (Varga Rev.) (Zabka Jan SJ)

Community, organization or company:

(Farnosť sv. Cyrila a metoda v New Westminster) (St. Michael parish in Burnaby)


(1934.06.15 začala sa stavba kostola ktorý sa stal kostolom sv. Cyrila a Metoda v New Westminsteri) (1941 postavená hala kostola sv. Cyrila a Metoda v New Westminsteri) (1960.05.03 Bola oficiálne založená farnosť sv. Cyrila a Metoda v New Westminsteri)

Geo Area:

(British Columbia) (Canada) (New Westminster) (North America)



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